Chiron– oil on canvas– in progress


Painting– progress shot– unfinished.


Chiron, progress shot, unfinished


Still easing back into my usual routine after some travel– I do have another envelope in progress, had hoped to finish it today, but it is getting flat under a stack of heavy art books, because a new paper I used buckled like whoa.

One of the benefits of the envelope pieces is that they are comparatively quick to do and let me get my ideas out there without having to turn every idea into a canvas that will take weeks if not months to finish.

But having done two envelopes with Chiron… I realized I had enough of a crush on the image that I wanted to take on doing a painting on canvas. So here it is (above) in oil, VERY NOT DONE, at 40 x 30″. No crits please, but if you like or relate somehow, feel free to let me know.

Another envelope soon!

Here’s one of the Chiron envelope works I liked so much I was sure I wanted him in a bigger painting with more content and  COLOR. And that it would be worth the trouble. 🙂




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Angie Reed Garner writing on art, anti-racism, and Buddhist practice in no particular order I work with Stand Up Sunday-Stand Up Louisville under the supervision of Black Lives Matter Louisville.

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