Untitled 40 x 20”

About it's still raw

Angie Reed Garner www.angiereedgarner.com writing on art, anti-racism, and Buddhist practice in no particular order I work with Stand Up Sunday-Stand Up Louisville under the supervision of Black Lives Matter Louisville. https://www.facebook.com/standuplouisville/

2 responses to “Untitled 40 x 20””

  1. Philip Martin says :

    I really like this painting! This may be unrelated, but it’s a bit of synchronicity–seeing the alphabet in here connected with a calligraphy by Katagiri Roshi I just pulled out. I was researching further the poem in it, which his wife partially explained to me (though I didn’t understand at the time.) It’s a pangram, containing every character of the Japanese kana, and came to be used used as an ordering system for them. So like the alphabet song, but with a little more meaning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iroha.

    • it's still raw says :

      Thank you! It is one painting of three on this theme and they will probably get titled “sit with it” 1,2,3. I will post the second one and the third needs finishing.

      I love that poem! How it is skillful means about skillful means. ❤

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