everything that matters is mostly obvious

Welcome. I began this blog by sharing art made on envelopes. Now I want to share other art and writing, not necessarily on envelopes, with a loose focus on art and Buddhist practice.

Artwork is generally available for sale. Fan mail is welcome.



Here is the artist statement for the envelope project.

Why envelopes?

Maybe these paintings are about communication ~between~ the different parts (offices) of a complex organism (myself), communication which maintains and increases the complexity.

I also think the viewer (you) is somehow part of me.

Let’s make this a good thing. Expect weekly updates. Should you want an update and not see one, leave a comment to that effect. I will probably levitate with joy that someone is reading and feel an urgent desire to make art on an envelope.

One response to “everything that matters is mostly obvious”

  1. Just Jen says :

    but but the purchase info … where’s the PURCHASE info?!?

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