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vena cava.

vena cava.

“There are no more deserts. There are no more islands. Yet there is a need for them. In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion; in order to serve men better, one has to hold them at a distance for a time.” Albert Camus, “The Minotaur”

vena cava. mixed media on interoffice envelope 15 x 10″


vena cava, installed

Sisyphus thinks.

I have never in my entire life
felt adequate to expectations
I am always not doing enough trying to catch up and praying I’ll
manage the bare mere saddest minimum.
It is about time I realized
this sad state of affairs is
evidently not going to change
by itself.
Or it probably would have
<—- Earth-touching pose

Sisyphus thinks. mixed media on interoffice envelope 15 x 10″


Sisyphus thinks, installed.

I picked it up.

I picked it up.

I hurt and I’m not even sure if I should keep carrying this.
I don’t even remember why or when I picked it up.

I picked it up. mixed media on interoffice envelope 15 x 10″

I leave Sisyphus at the foot of the mountain. One always finds one’s burden again. But Sisyphus teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks. He too concludes that all is well. This universe henceforth without a master seems to him neither sterile nor futile. Each atom of that stone, each mineral flake of that night-filled mountain, in itself, forms a world. The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy. ― Albert Camus

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i picked it up, installed