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in progress

in progress

three in progress

PTSD tango.

It takes me months/years to finish these big paintings on canvas — I am not producing one of these a week! But I am pushing hard to finish up a cohort of the big paintings in the next six weeks, and this has hijacked the works on paper, so I will share the big ones here. Eventually someday I will get back to works on paper– it’s nice to be able to work quickly and use sketches.


Anyway, this is PTSD tango, oil, 30 x 30″.


PTSD tango


Here is a detail shot: https://itsstillraw.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/ptsdtangodetail.jpg


If they interest you, please do click through to see the full-size images! Off the detail shot, you can get a bit of the texture & surface anyway.